A little bit about PublishingState.com.

This website discusses topics in publishing, writing, productivity and creativity. I have been working with a scholarly publisher for over a decade now, serving different roles as an editor and a marketer. I love discovering new things and learning from others. 

However, this website is not all about publishing. I am also a big advocate of productivity and continuous self-improvement. I believe we can get better every day.   

I write to express my views and continually enhance my writing, which took me many years to improve (I am still learning new things all the time). I also include my observations and my perspectives of things. 

The website was created in 2017 as a means for me to share useful tips and stories. Within a year, it became one of the winners of the Malaysian Website Awards, something I hardly expected. But awards are not the reason for this blog’s existence. Over the years, the blog has helped me connect with people and industry players, for which I am grateful. 

I love reading (non-fiction mostly), writing, copywriting, editing, ebooks, marketing, and, not to forget, drinking coffee. I am also curious about how technologies are changing the way we work and live; fascinated at the intersection of techs and humanity. Creativity is also another aspect of life that interests me. 

Each one of us writes and publishes content. We write emails, blog posts, reports, articles and books, and produce other content formats such as videos, audios and other media. We’re in an era where everybody produces something.

I hope you will enjoy some of the writing in this blog. And I hope we can connect and become friends. 

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