3 Timeless Lessons from Oliver Twist

Lessons from Oliver Twist

Introduction The write-up discusses three important lessons from Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens’s classic novel has captured the hearts and minds of readers for generations. This timeless tale not only entertains but also educates, shedding light on the harsh realities of 19th-century London and the enduring lessons that resonate with readers today. Oliver Twist holds a … Read more

Exploring the Criticism of Open Access Publishing

Criticism of open access

Introduction The write-up explores criticism of open access. Open access publishing has emerged as a transformative force in academia, challenging traditional models and reshaping how knowledge is disseminated. At its core, open access refers to making scholarly research freely available online without the barriers of subscription fees or paywalls. This concept has gained significant traction … Read more

Understanding ORCID ID

Understanding ORCID ID

Introduction In the fast-paced world of academic publishing, researchers are constantly seeking ways to maximize their visibility and impact. One powerful tool that has emerged to help achieve this goal is the ORCID ID. ORCID, which stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, is a unique identifier that connects researchers with their scholarly work across … Read more