Promoting Sustainable Printing

Sustainable printing

Introduction The write-up discusses sustainable printing. Traditional print materials like books, newspapers, and magazines relied on environmentally harmful inks and paper sources for centuries. Inks were petroleum-based and contained toxic chemicals, while paper came from trees harvested in an unsustainable way. The heavy use of these materials took a significant toll on ecosystems. However, there … Read more

Innovation: Lessons from Steve Jobs

Lessons from Steve Jobs

Introduction The write-up explores lessons from Steve Jobs, with a particular perspective on innovation. Steve Jobs was a visionary who helped launch the personal computer revolution. In the early 1970s, Jobs met Steve Wozniak, an electronics hacker, while working for Atari. The two Steves bonded over their love of technology and began working on projects … Read more

How Advertisers Make Money

How advertisers make money

Introduction The write-up explores how advertisers make money. Attention is a precious commodity in the modern advertising and digital age. With endless streams of content competing for our focus across devices and platforms, capturing and retaining audience attention has become big business for advertisers. Understanding the strategies used to monetize attention effectively provides insight into … Read more

Open Access Revolution in Academic Publishing

Open access revolution in academic publishing

Introduction The write-up discusses the open access revolution in academic publishing. In the 1980s, before the internet became widely used, academics relied on primitive tools like email and Usenet newsgroups to share ideas and files. These early networks allowed researchers to exchange draft papers and data sets faster than postal mail. However, these systems were … Read more

Best Practices in Peer Review

Best practices in peer review

Introduction The write-up discusses best practices in peer review. Peer review is critical in upholding the quality and integrity of academic research and professional work. By subjecting studies, articles, and other scholarly outputs to the scrutiny of experts in the field, the peer review process aims to ensure that publications and projects meet high methodological, … Read more