Can AI Write Academic Papers? 5 Key Things to Assess

Can AI write academic papers?

This article discusses artificial intelligence (AI), its roles in various industries, its potential in the future, and its capability to write academic papers. Being in academic publishing for more than a decade, I am intrigued by what the future holds for AI in scholarly writing and academia. And I always want to know, can AI … Read more

What is an Open Access Journal? 9 Important Things to Know

What is an open access journal? 9 Important things to know

In essence, what is an open access journal? An open access journal is an online, peer-reviewed academic journal that provides users free, unrestricted access to download, read, and distribute its contents. In recent years, the open access journal publishing model has gained traction worldwide and continues to grow. This article defines an open access journal … Read more

5 Common Reasons for Journal Manuscript Rejection

Common Reasons for Journal Manuscript Rejection

In this write-up, we discuss five common reasons for journal manuscript rejection. For over a decade, my daily routine in the journal division (I administered several academic journals covering science and humanities) included sending that dreaded rejection email to authors, telling them their manuscripts were declined and the reason for rejection. Yes, for over a … Read more

Di Manakah Albert Einstein Menerbitkan Makalah-Makalah Awal Jurnal Beliau?

Albert Einstein (1879–1955) adalah ahli fizik teori (theoretical physicist) yang paling terkenal dalam sejarah. Einstein mempelopori beberapa teori fizik yang merevolusi dunia sains, termasuklah antara lainnya teori relativiti, tenaga, fizik kuantum, dan elektrik. Sepanjang hayatnya, Einstein menghasilkan lebih 300 penulisan saintifik. Nama Einstein sangat sinonim dengan “genius.” Banyak juga karya, buku dan filem yang diinspirasikan … Read more