How to Start a Science Journal

How to start a science journal

Introduction The write-up delves into how to start a science journal. An academic journal plays a vital role in the academic and research communities by providing a platform for scientists and scholars to publish their latest findings. Through rigorous peer review, science journals validate research and ensure only high-quality studies are disseminated. This drives scientific … Read more

Managing the Editorial Board

Managing the editorial board

Introduction The write-up discusses issues in managing the editorial board of an academic journal. Journal publishing is vital in disseminating new research and advancing scholarly knowledge across disciplines. By providing rigorous peer review and editing, academic journals ensure the quality and validity of published papers. At the helm of this quality control process lies the … Read more

How to Start a Humanities Journal

How to start a humanities journal

Introduction The article delves into how to start a humanities journal that will enrich the academia and research world. Academic publishing refers to the process of disseminating research and scholarship through books, journals, and other outlets. Academic publishing is vital in advancing knowledge and enabling scholarly discourse in the humanities fields like history, literature, philosophy, … Read more

Academic Journal Publishing Workflow

Journal publishing workflow

Introduction The write-up discusses the academic journal publishing workflow that helps scholarly journals streamline critical processes. Academic journal publishing is a critical yet often complex process. Many stages can lead to delays from submission to peer review to final publication if not adequately streamlined. This can negatively impact authors, journals, and the timely dissemination of … Read more

On the Article Processing Charges

Determining the article processing charges

Introduction Determining the article processing charges or APCs is crucial in running an academic journal. The economics of academic publishing is a complex and often controversial topic. At the heart of the issue is how scholarly journals fund their operations – and one key component is author payments in the form of APCs. As we’ll … Read more