12 Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating and Improve Your Productivity Massively

How to stop procrastinating and improve productivity

What is procrastination? Procrastination is doing something else and delaying what needs to be done. This post discusses some tips on how to stop procrastinating and improve your productivity massively. Procrastinating is one of those things that just about everyone does. I am one of those falling victims to procrastination.  Whether it’s putting off an … Read more

21 Tips on How to Write a Proposal That Delivers Great Results

21 tips how to write a proposal

Here, we discuss 21 tips on how to write a proposal that delivers great results and maximizes your opportunity to land that big project or business gig. You’re reading this article probably because you’ve been given a task to write a proposal by your boss. Or you have come out with an initiative to approach … Read more

15 Fantastic Tips on How to Write an Email Professionally

How to write an email professionally

In this article, we will discuss 15 kick-ass tips on how to write an email professionally. Email is one of the most effective ways of communication, but things can go wrong if not approached with professionalism.  An email written professionally will get the message across, have a better response rate, and be more likely to … Read more

5 Tips How to Write an Angry Email to Your Boss Without Sounding Like a Total Psychopath

An angry cat

Have you ever wondered how to write an angry email to your boss? Angry work emails are not cool. But sometimes, they are inevitable. Occasionally, I use emails with a less-than-pleasant tone to express disapproval and frustration to my boss. I work with a scholarly publisher; our work includes publishing timely publications of our academic … Read more