Examining the Differences between Web of Science and Scopus

Differences between Web of Science and Scopus

Introduction This write-up examines the differences between Web of Science and Scopus, two prominent journal databases used extensively in academic and research settings. I will also add my own professional experience in dealing with both databases. These databases are instrumental in disseminating scholarly articles across various disciplines, but they have distinct characteristics and features that … Read more

Understanding Journal Citation Reports

Understanding Journal Citation Reports

Introduction to Journal Citation Reports In academic publishing, one tool prominent for its comprehensive and objective analysis of journal influence is the Journal Citation Reports. Produced annually by Clarivate Analytics, Journal Citation Reports provide a detailed analysis and comparison of academic journals. The reports use various metrics, including citation data, to measure the influence and … Read more

How to Get Your Journal Indexed in the Web of Science

How to get your journal indexed in the Web of Science

How to get your journal indexed in the Web of Science? If you are in the academic publishing industry or part of a journal’s editorial team, you know how important this question is. A researcher would also want to publish in a high-impact journal indexed in the Web of Science as this means their paper … Read more

Journal Impact Factor: A Beginner’s Guide to Calculation and Interpretation

Journal Impact Factor

Embarking on the journey of academic research can be daunting. With countless journals to choose from, understanding the importance and relevance of each is crucial for both seasoned and budding researchers. One metric that often comes up in these discussions is the Journal Impact Factor (in short, JIF, an abbreviation I’m uncomfortable using). This article … Read more

5 Million Dissertations in Web of Science’s Theses Database

Theses database

In the latest development, more than 5 million theses and dissertations are now available in Web of Science’s theses database. Two years ago, Clarivate Analytics acquired ProQuest, a leading provider of educational technology solutions. With a deal worth USD 5.3 billion, it is considered one of the largest mergers between scholarly entities. The acquisition also means … Read more