What is Self-Plagiarism?

What is self-plagiarism

Introduction What is self-plagiarism? Self-plagiarism may seem like a contradictory concept. After all, plagiarism refers to using someone else’s work without proper attribution. How can you plagiarize yourself? While self-plagiarism may appear harmless, it can have severe consequences in academic and professional contexts. Understanding Plagiarism But before we understand self-plagiarism, let’s grasp the concept of … Read more

The Case of Plagiarism in Academic Publishing

Plagiarism in academic publishing

Introduction Academic integrity is the bedrock of quality research and education. Without it, the entire academic enterprise falls apart. Unfortunately, plagiarism in academic publishing threatens this integrity and can have serious consequences for students, researchers, and institutions when left unchecked. The risks of plagiarism are real, from expulsion to loss of funding and credibility. Despite … Read more