3 Common Reasons for Article Retraction

Common reasons for article retraction

Introduction The write-up discusses common reasons for article retraction, an essential issue in academic publishing that warrants close examination. When articles are retracted, it can significantly impact scientific knowledge and public trust. Understanding why articles get retracted and addressing the root causes is vital to upholding research integrity. Article retraction is the formal withdrawal of … Read more

How to Retract a Journal Article

How to retract a journal article

Introduction The write-up delves into how to retract a journal article, from identifying the valid reasons to the step-by-step guide in making article retractions. Scholarly publishing plays a vital role in academia by disseminating research findings and enabling scientific discourse. The credibility and impact of peer-reviewed journal articles directly influence academic careers and public policy … Read more

Article Retraction: Maintaining Scientific Integrity

Article retraction

Introduction This write-up discusses article retraction in academic publishing and its necessity in maintaining scientific integrity. Scientific research plays a pivotal role in expanding our understanding of the world around us. From new medical treatments to innovative technologies, the discoveries made through science enormously impact our lives. However, for science to serve its purpose effectively, … Read more